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Bangalore Startup, Arrow Devices Develops Next Gen USB Chip

Arrow Devices is a semiconductor startup based in Bangalore that has developed a chip design for the next generation USB standard (called SuperSpeed USB 3.0) completely out of

Arrow Devices’s USB 3.0 design transfers data at 5 Gbps , is 10 times faster than the existing USB standard and is capable of transferring a 25GB High Definition movie file in under 2 minutes versus 14 minutes taken by traditional USB implementations.

The company has bagged Nvidia, one of the top-5 semiconductor companies in the world as a customer for this chip design.

Started in 2008, the company plans to license their design to chip manufacturers for fabrication. As far as USB 3.0 is concerned, the next generation USB standard is expected to hit the market in the coming year, though companies like Intel have clearly stated that they will not support USB 3.0 until 2011.


Starting a company…

I started my first company when I was in my 7th semester. I am not associated with that now.Again so many bad experiences with that. I disjoint that firm after 1 year. From that I learned a few more lessons too.

1. Never ever believe anybody in business, let it be your father.
2. Never start a business with people who dont know what a business is.. It was the greatest lesson I learned, today I will never even thought about farming with partners who dont know what is it all about.

Later I started a firm in the first floor of my house, it also brings bad experience, and I lost some great relationship due to the mismanagement of my employees.

After that incident, I got some new lessons and later on I started my new firm by gaining some potential clients.

My very first client was also from US, a beautiful lady with lots of dreams…Liza. It was the beginning of my business. We had done a great application for her and now it is selling as a hot product in the retail shops of US and Europe.

The first problem was selecting a name. I was not interested in selecting a ususal xxxsolutions, yyy info and so on. I need a unique name, which can attract my clients the very first moment. There came the name “askanoop consultancy services”.

I selected the name askanoop because…

1. When a client heard this name, the first question will be “what a different name, why u choose this name?” My answers are enough to attract him. Well thats the main business tactics , so I dont want to add my answers here [;)]

2. There are lots and lots of small – mid sized companies, The clients dont need a new company, the need is mine..So I want to make my presence odd from others…

3. askanoop, means when ever you need a technology solutions, just ask to anoop.. well in my concept, anoop is not me, its an Alien like character and when we start our company in our own office , I will definitely place a big sculpture of that Alien in the front of my building [;)]

As usual finance was the very big problem ….But I succeed in bringing investment from my father. But I launched it officially when I got enough clients to sustain

How I bagged my first business?

Well getting first client is not that much big thing, but make the client a recurring potential client is the whole thing matters. My first client was from US, one Mr.Gerald King. I got him when I was in my 2nd semester in Sree Buddha College of Engineering. At that time the dream of starting a company was just in dream, like my other dreams ..

At that time I was not serious about the profession. the project was to start a website for his school which is fully dynamic, CMS integrated. At that time I know only HTML and a bit ASP. I was concentrating in system level programming. My client wants to develop the web app within 7 days and must be in PHP. That was the incident which compels me to learn PHP. I learned PHP and mysql and completed the project within 6 days, it contains 40+ dynamic pages. I uploaded it to his server, but he didnt send me payment.

It was the first experience from my client.

Later I succeed in gaining potential clients..well I will tell you that story later.

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