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Patriotism, is it a seasonal feeling?

We are gona Celebrate August 15th. imm… We all says now we are proud to be an Indian, we will die for our country and so on. Well is it a seasonal feeling? Do we think so in other months too?

We talk about our country, patriotism and so on in this near by dates, but do we really mean it?

I need your comments. Is it a seasonal feeling. Do we remember, we are Indians every time? I think we remember only when we are watching international sports and games or when such days came,or when watching a movie? Is this day to remind us we are Indians?Is this day celebrating to remind lakhs of people died for our country?

When we hear “Sarfaroshi Ki thamanna , ab hamare dil mein hein…” it likes getting energised. But is that feeling still in our heart when we are not listening the music? Are you sarfarosh?

‘Sarfarosh’ = One who is ready to stake his life (for a cause).

‘Sarfaroshi’ = Readiness to stake life.

How many of u celebrated Quit India day? It was on August 9th (Quit India : 1942 August 9). How many of you were aware about it?

Quit India Movement was one of the most important mile stone in our freedom struggle. If we are proud to be an Indian, if we do remember about the people who sacrifice their life, then how come we forget the day?

I am not different from you people…Really I am ashamed of myself. Because if I am proud to be an Indian, if I am that much patriot, me too will not be like this…….


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