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Celebrate Kuwait Days with Mall 360

Toy fair opens in Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Toy Fair, the world’s biggest toy expo, opened Thursday in Germany with one of its focuses on packaging boys’ toys to make them more attractive to girls.

Within an hour of the opening, the city’s exhibition centre was already packed with people. Organizers expect 76,000 trade visitors, mainly purchasing executives and merchants, to visit by the closing day Tuesday.

Nearly 2,700 exhibiting companies from around the world have about 1 million products available in their catalogues. Manufacturers say 70,000 are new, though that includes long-standing toys that are being offered in additional colours or from new plastic moulds.

On Wednesday, toy professionals attended a ‘building our future’ conference in Nuremberg on why toys tend to be firmly aimed at either boys or girls.

Richard Gottlieb, who chaired the discussion, said Thursday in an interview, the photographs on the packaging often spread the message that a boy will usually end up in charge of a science toy or a ride- on toy.

Where girls are shown in the images, they are usually only helpers or onlookers, the US-based consultant said. Gottlieb said he had been urging manufacturers to change the packaging.

The fair also focuses on rising consumer demand for toy manufacturers to be environmentally sensitive. German ecology groups claimed the previous day that plastic used for toys contained too much of certain toxic substances.


Toy firm, Cedar Fair offer student contest

K’NEX, a construction-toy company based in Hatfield, Pa., and Cedar Fair Inc.’s Cedar Point amusement park have launched a Great Thrill Ride Build-Off, for middle and high school classes and organizations such as science clubs.

The competition is for the most innovative and thrilling amusement park ride model using K’NEX building sets.

The contest began Monday and runs through April 3. Registered participants will receive a discount coupon to be used for the purchase of materials from No purchase is necessary.

Participants must design and build a ride and submit a photo/video of the project on The top five entries are to be displayed during Cedar Point’s Math and Science Week, scheduled May 16-20.

52 degrees … Grand Opening on WEDNESDAY 26 JAN 2011

The first of its kind concept multi-store mothering the top notch Kuwaiti talents under one roof. The store will include apparel, accessories, arts, furniture, cuisine, and much more!

52Degrees is an original melting pot for the limitless imagination and creativity of the Kuwaiti entrepreneur. The first of its kind concept store mothering topnotch Kuwaiti talents under one roof. The store will include cuisine, apparel, accessories, furniture, and much more. 52 Degrees, a place that breeds originality and local talent.


Al Tilal Complex
Pepsi Cola Street, Shuwaikh



The Little Gym 2nd Tea and Coffee Registration Event

Fantasy World attended The Little Gym 2nd Coffee and Tea Registration which held last 13th January 2011 at the gym grounds starting from 4:00 pm until 6:30 pm. The kids had a fun time playing with their friends and parents. Fantasy World had a privilege of a booth set up with key items such as Mickey Sing N Dance, Night Timmy, Bubaloo and TC Pets. Outdoor activities such as Trider Trikes, and E100 Electric Scooter. Kosmees with three different colors were being enjoyed by the youngster’s. Kids were able to try the products and experience how they were.Fantasy World were introduced to all members of the Little Gym and all the Sponsors such as Hadi Clinic, Partyland,The Original Basket Boutique, Bebelac and Shapes for Women. There is also free studio portraits for all the members of the Little Gym and there was Magic Show performed by Prasun The Magician. As brand Ambassador, Freddy Wonderman played an important role in promoting our brand. Freddy had a good time playing with his new friends, hugging and had photographs with him. Before the event ended Freddy Wondeman handed over 50 gifts to all the kids who came to the FW Booth.The said event is the annual gathering of The Little Gym to all the members and new member’s who want to register. It is important for children to maintain active fitness and reiterate the benefits of learning through fitness/exercise. In this way at their early age they will develop their skills, confidence and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults. This also helps to improve the health and well- being of children. Madam Khaldah Al-Ghanim, Vice President and Mr. Scott, Gym Director of The Little Gym were thankful for the success and support rendered by Fantasy World and were looking forward to all future events

7th CETAA Kids Cricket Tournament 2011

Fantasy World witnessed the 7th CETAA Inter Alumni Kids Cricket Tournament was conducted on January 07, 2011 starting from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm at the KOC Hockey Grounds, Ahmadi by the College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram Alumni Association (CETAA), Kuwait Chapter. The said event was participated by kids, parents and alumni’s.Fantasy World along with other sponsors such as Integrated Logistics Company, Hydrotek Engineering Company and Sunrise Restaurant were there to support the seven alumni kid’s teams namely CETAA, KEA, MACE, NIT, TKM, TEC and NSS. The format requires that the batsman retire at a personal score of 20 runs and will be allowed to return to bat only when all players except the last man are out. As has been the case over the past several years, it was an exhilarating display of enthusiasm and fighting cricket by the young talents. Parents were there to give support and cheer their kids. In the long run MACE team were declared as winners, KEA team were declared as 1st runner up and the 3rd place trophy and the individual medals to TEC team was presented by Mr. George K. John, President of CETAA. Special awards such as Man of the tournament given to Mr. Rohen Paul of MACE, Best Batsman to Mr. Dilip Menon of KEA, Best Bowler to Mr. Rohan Shaju John of KEA and lastly the Most Promising Youngster given to Mr. Joe Clifton of TEC. After the awarding the distribution of gifts followed. They all lined up to receive presents from Fantasy World. Events Coordinator, Ms Annie Centeno handed over 84 gifts to all winners and kids participants. They all had photographs with their teams and had fun.Fantasy World roll up stand was placed at the awarding area. It was really a great show by the children and it was even more satisfying to see their happy faces at the end of the day with the GIFTS in their hands courtesy of Fantasy World. CETAA Executive Committees, CETAA Kids Cricket Committee extended their gratitude to Fantasy World for the support and grand success of the tournament.

Help Robots Take Over The Internet: The Socialbots 2011 Competition

There’s been much done, and even more written about online influence and community. But it’s time to see who really has the biggest boots in town.

Today, we’re glad to announce the first-ever competitive event in the large scale robotic influence of online social groups. SOCIALBOTS 2011.

Teams will program bots to control user accounts on Twitter in a brutal, two-week, all-out, no-holds-barred battle to influence an unsuspecting cluster of 500 online users to do their bidding. Points will be given for connections created by the bots and the social behaviors they are able to elicit among the targets. All code to be made open-source under the MIT license.

It’s blood sport for internet social science/network analysis nerds. Winner to be rewarded $500, unending fame and glory, and THE SOCIALBOTS CUP.

Pro Kart Events



What is Pro Kart?

Pro Kart is an advanced Go Kart

(More Horse Power and stability on track).


Who is the owner of Pro Kart Racing Club?

Pro Kart Racing Club is the latest project of Kuwait Motor Sports Club(Governmental Club).


What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to improve Karting Sport in Kuwait.


Why Karting Sport?

Karting Sport is an entrance gate to Formula One World. If you want to be a Formula One world champion this is where your hard work begins!


Is it a Safe Sport?

The design of the Pro Kart makes it almost impossible to move from the ground. This is because of the long distance between the tires, right and left.

Kart to Kart accident will not create any effect to the Drivers or Racers. This is because the Rental Karts, in Pro Kart Racing Club, are surrounded with High Quality Heavy Duty Bumpers that will absorb any hit or crash avoiding the transfer of the shock to the Driver or Racer.

To achieve the perfection of Safety in Pro Kart Racing Club, we are proud to say that Pro Kart Racing Club is the First to use the technique of Double Layer of tires along the track. This will prevent any off-road accidents that may occur.


How to introduce this new Sport to people in Kuwait and make it famous?

Since this sport is new and require harder work to introduce for the people in Kuwait, Kuwait Motor Sports Club‘s management has assigned a group of volunteers to form Pro Kart Events Team.


What is the responsibilities of Pro Kart Events Team?

Pro Kart Events Team is taking care of all jobs related to Pro Kart Racing Club’s Events like Public Relations, marketing, advertising and off course, Event Arrangements.


Did they arrange any event yet?

This Team started with Companies whom looking for a special place and activity to gather and enjoy with their employees as an Open Day providing them a full Team Race and wonderful food buffet. The Idea, of Companies and Organizations Open Day, was successful and the Team decided to give the chance for all companies and organizations in Kuwait to come and enjoy.


What is the coming event?

The Team has recently announced for a new and Huge event that will include all Universities and Colleges Students:



( Males Cup – Females Cup )


Fantasy World Promotes Hello Kitty in Kuwait

Fantasy World and Toy Triangle joined forces to promote Hello Kitty in Kuwait at Fantasy World Al-Rai Store starting on 30th December and it lasted until 2nd January 2011. A festive atmosphere gave attraction to all the shoppers in the store. It was decorated with balloons inside and outside, sky lights outside the store and Hello Kitty song was played all the time. The event started in the afternoon at 5:00 pm and continued until 10:00 pm, there were varieties of activities such as face painting, Hello Kitty coloring and painting, Hello Kitty jewelry making, Hello Kitty dough making, and hair braiding.What’s a celebration without special gifts? Of course each day the Presenter Ms. Sony Mathew provided entertainment and games such as straw picking, 4 color mat dancing, pass the kitty etc. All winners received special gifts from hello kitty products.It was a fun filled night at the Fantasy World al-rai store on the 2nd of January, the grand event of Hello Kitty. The grand entrance of Hello Kitty was a much awaited part of the event, kids and parents were excited to see her for real. The arrival of Hello Kitty was truly remarkable with the effects of smoke, bubble machine, and confetti blower. Fantasy World ambassador Freddy Wonderman himself was there to introduce hello kitty to his friends. Both of them interacted and had photographs with all kids as well as the parents. Freddy Wonderman and Hello Kitty were the main attraction, they lead the kids on the dance floor and they made a spectacular moment on that night. While introducing Hello Kitty, new products was launched such as Mia the gardener, Mia the Chef and Mia the Painter. Special Hello Kitty T-Shirts were provided to Fantasy World staffs and even promoters, these were worn all through the event.In Addition to this Fantasy World Store at Avenue also had activities in their store runs from 30th December 2010 until 1st of January 2011. The event ended with the dance number of Hello kitty and kids dancing while spraying the string spray.Toy Triangle and Mr. Ibrahim Baig, Marketing Head extended their deep appreciation and sincerely thanked Fantasy World for the wonderful event and looking forward for all future events.

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