New Official ThunderCats Toy Images Released!

Bandai has obviously heard the collector community’s original fearful outcry upon discovering that the ThunderCats line wasn’t picked up by Mattel, because their new ThunderCats Collector Line seems to fit in perfectly with the Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  While the height is listed at 8″, if this is measured from the top of his hair then Lion-O should be in a very compatible height with He-Man and the gang.

The figure is slated to come packaged with a long Sword of Omens, a short Sword of Omens, and the ThunderClaw Glove.  There appears to be a holster coming down Lion-O’s left side, so there is also the possibility that the short Sword of Omens could be sheathed there when not in use.

While Bandai America isn’t exactly known for their high-end action figures, Bandai Japan totally is.  If the looks of this figure are any indication, they may be getting some tips from their overseas branch in the “ass-kicking toys” department.  The articulation looks plentiful and unobtrusive, including a new style of thigh swivel.  This new Lion-O figure is a far cry from Bandai’s Ben 10 assortments!


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