Microsoft TAG : Another great product/service from Microsoft!

Microsoft Tag transforms almost anything in the real world into a live link to more information or an interactive experience on your mobile phone. A Tag is a new kind of bar code, designed specifically to be scanned by a mobile phone. You can print, stick, or display Tags almost anywhere. When you scan it with your phone, it automatically opens a webpage, dials a phone number, or takes some other action on the phone. Simply scan a Tag anywhere you see it – on advertisements, signage, magazine articles, retail shelving, product packages, and storefronts – and gain access to websites, videos, reviews, contact information, social networks, discounts, promotions and more! You just have to download the free Tag Reader on your web enabled camera phone and you can start scanning Tags to interact with the world around you in new ways! Try it now!

You scan Tags with an application called the Microsoft Tag Reader which is available for new phones. The Tag Reader uses the camera on your mobile phone to scan the Tag and then connects to the Internet to get more information associated with the Tag. On some phones, you just point your camera at the Tag and the Tag is scanned. On other phones, you point and then click. Microsoft Tag requires an Internet connection to work. Normal data charges apply.

Every Tag is an invitation to try, discover, share, save and do more. By scanning a Tag, you can access more information on products you’re interested in buying, use coupons and exclusive discounts at the time of purchase, conduct product comparisons right before you make a purchase decision, view exclusive movie trailers, watch a music video from a local band before buying tickets to an upcoming concert and make purchases without standing in a checkout line. The possibilities are endless.

Please check the tag I created which helps you to go to my blog

Go to to download a free tag reader. Enjoy


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