Facebook Says It’s NOT Shutting Down on March 15 [UPDATED]

There’s a silly rumor exploding on the Internet this weekend, alleging that Facebook is shutting down on March 15. It was just a rumor or mis interpretation of his interview!

Mashable.com got official confirmation that

We have official confirmation from Facebook Director of Corporate Communications Larry Yu that the rumor is false. We asked him via e-mail if FacebookFacebook was shutting down on March 15, to which he responded, “The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness.” He added, “We didn’t get the memo about shutting down and there’s lots to do, so we’ll just keep cranking away like always.”

Read More on http://mashable.com/2011/01/09/facebook-shutdown/

Note : FB is funded by $450 million from Goldman Sachs and $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, on a valuation of $50 billion and lots of other firms! So putting a full stop in a short period of time is not an easy task….More over who don’t like money??? Is there anybody which can leave such treasure island???


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