Pro Kart Events



What is Pro Kart?

Pro Kart is an advanced Go Kart

(More Horse Power and stability on track).


Who is the owner of Pro Kart Racing Club?

Pro Kart Racing Club is the latest project of Kuwait Motor Sports Club(Governmental Club).


What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to improve Karting Sport in Kuwait.


Why Karting Sport?

Karting Sport is an entrance gate to Formula One World. If you want to be a Formula One world champion this is where your hard work begins!


Is it a Safe Sport?

The design of the Pro Kart makes it almost impossible to move from the ground. This is because of the long distance between the tires, right and left.

Kart to Kart accident will not create any effect to the Drivers or Racers. This is because the Rental Karts, in Pro Kart Racing Club, are surrounded with High Quality Heavy Duty Bumpers that will absorb any hit or crash avoiding the transfer of the shock to the Driver or Racer.

To achieve the perfection of Safety in Pro Kart Racing Club, we are proud to say that Pro Kart Racing Club is the First to use the technique of Double Layer of tires along the track. This will prevent any off-road accidents that may occur.


How to introduce this new Sport to people in Kuwait and make it famous?

Since this sport is new and require harder work to introduce for the people in Kuwait, Kuwait Motor Sports Club‘s management has assigned a group of volunteers to form Pro Kart Events Team.


What is the responsibilities of Pro Kart Events Team?

Pro Kart Events Team is taking care of all jobs related to Pro Kart Racing Club’s Events like Public Relations, marketing, advertising and off course, Event Arrangements.


Did they arrange any event yet?

This Team started with Companies whom looking for a special place and activity to gather and enjoy with their employees as an Open Day providing them a full Team Race and wonderful food buffet. The Idea, of Companies and Organizations Open Day, was successful and the Team decided to give the chance for all companies and organizations in Kuwait to come and enjoy.


What is the coming event?

The Team has recently announced for a new and Huge event that will include all Universities and Colleges Students:



( Males Cup – Females Cup )



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