Freddy Wonderman in Amiri Hospital

Freddy Wonderman came to visit the Kids at Amiri Hospital last 30th December 2010, Thursday held at the playroom area of the hospital from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. This event was organized by Holiday Inn Downtown. Their main objective is to contribute to the community and environment around the state of Kuwait. Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital also known as KACCH is also part of the hospital were in they are providing and minimizing the stressful impact of hospitalization and illness on the child and family inside the hospital. Freddy Wonderman visited the kids in their rooms one by one and personally handed out 25 gifts to all the sick children and gave them some happiness through the sad times. Not only that they all had a chance to be photographed with Freddy. Kids and Parents were equally touch and surprised with the gifts and gave delight to all sick kids. Fantasy World roll up stand was placed at the entrance of the play area of the hospital. All nurses and even doctors were happy that Fantasy World came and brighten the day of their patients. Overall it was a great opportunity for Fantasy World to have participated and had chance to visit the sick children at Amiri Hospital. Ms. Dina Diab, Public Relations Manager of Holiday Inn Downtown and Ms. Neelam Agrawal, Senior play leader of KACCH extended their gratitude for the generous support given by Fantasy World.



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