Starting a company…

I started my first company when I was in my 7th semester. I am not associated with that now.Again so many bad experiences with that. I disjoint that firm after 1 year. From that I learned a few more lessons too.

1. Never ever believe anybody in business, let it be your father.
2. Never start a business with people who dont know what a business is.. It was the greatest lesson I learned, today I will never even thought about farming with partners who dont know what is it all about.

Later I started a firm in the first floor of my house, it also brings bad experience, and I lost some great relationship due to the mismanagement of my employees.

After that incident, I got some new lessons and later on I started my new firm by gaining some potential clients.

My very first client was also from US, a beautiful lady with lots of dreams…Liza. It was the beginning of my business. We had done a great application for her and now it is selling as a hot product in the retail shops of US and Europe.

The first problem was selecting a name. I was not interested in selecting a ususal xxxsolutions, yyy info and so on. I need a unique name, which can attract my clients the very first moment. There came the name “askanoop consultancy services”.

I selected the name askanoop because…

1. When a client heard this name, the first question will be “what a different name, why u choose this name?” My answers are enough to attract him. Well thats the main business tactics , so I dont want to add my answers here [;)]

2. There are lots and lots of small – mid sized companies, The clients dont need a new company, the need is mine..So I want to make my presence odd from others…

3. askanoop, means when ever you need a technology solutions, just ask to anoop.. well in my concept, anoop is not me, its an Alien like character and when we start our company in our own office , I will definitely place a big sculpture of that Alien in the front of my building [;)]

As usual finance was the very big problem ….But I succeed in bringing investment from my father. But I launched it officially when I got enough clients to sustain


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