How I bagged my first business?

Well getting first client is not that much big thing, but make the client a recurring potential client is the whole thing matters. My first client was from US, one Mr.Gerald King. I got him when I was in my 2nd semester in Sree Buddha College of Engineering. At that time the dream of starting a company was just in dream, like my other dreams ..

At that time I was not serious about the profession. the project was to start a website for his school which is fully dynamic, CMS integrated. At that time I know only HTML and a bit ASP. I was concentrating in system level programming. My client wants to develop the web app within 7 days and must be in PHP. That was the incident which compels me to learn PHP. I learned PHP and mysql and completed the project within 6 days, it contains 40+ dynamic pages. I uploaded it to his server, but he didnt send me payment.

It was the first experience from my client.

Later I succeed in gaining potential clients..well I will tell you that story later.


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