Art of Hand shaking!

Whats in a hand shake? You may wonder on it, coz some of you may never realize that a hand shake can convey so many meanings.

When u offer a handshake, it convey lots of meaning depending upon the position of palm, the pressure you insert and the time taken for the hand shake.

Let us discuss about the position of palm first…

1. Palm down

Keeping our palm down while hand shake means we are superior or we are strong. This gives the message that the man with palm down is more stronger or he is leading one or simply your Boss [;)]

2. Palm up

This is something like , we are on the other guy’s service. This “at your service” indication is mostly done when we offer a service for our client.

3. Palm Vertical

The most generous way to offer a handshake is palm vertical. It sends the signal of cooperation. ”


Have you ever think about this things?

Then let us talk about pressure inserted while shaking hand


It depends on geographical locations, as in some place, the firm hand shake, i mean inserting more pressure means, he is impolite to you. In some places it shows that you are confident about the thing. It also express that you agree the deal and so on.

If an American woman, to the Far East , she has to care a lot.. Taking a man’s hand and giving it a firm press, signals him that the woman has a sexual interest. So please do not be surprised, if the man reacts “strangely” to you !

Length of time you shake the hand.

The longer you keep holding the hand, the more powerful you look.

Doing the same in America it is regarded as rude!

So make it gentle and normal

Just try out these things yourself…………comment be back ur experiences….

with love



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