An IDEA alone cannot change your life!

when ever I saw the ad word, i felt like is it so? Can Idea change our life? Well to be frank, I never think so. Most of you people will disagree with me, but still I believe, Idea dont have that much importance. I am talking from ma personal experience. I weave 100s of ideas each week and its just ideas…coz it never gets it way out.

Lemme scrap some thing which I had experienced.

So many people weave ideas and they afraid to discuss it with their friends of Veterans. They do think that the other guy will stole their Ideas and they keep it with them.Atlast it will buried in the corner of their mind..

What I think is thats the greatest stupidity. You have to discuss about your ideas with friends and veterans, then only you will get it more vivid. When you discuss that idea with others, keep the core business in mind, just talk abt the idea as a whole. From the other’s comments, you will get more and more views on the same.

Getting an idea is tough but the most toughest part is implementing it in right sense. An idea alone cant be survive, it needs the right time and right money to start.

If we have an idea and we don’t have time to implement it, then? That idea is waste

If we have an idea and we don’t have money to implement it, then? That idea is a big zero.

An idea is said to be successful if it is executed in time. For that we need

1. Right Resources including HR, infrastructure etc.
2. Right Time
3. Enough money

An idea , let it be a greatest of ever time. If it is implemented in wrong time, what use in that?

So an Idea alone cannot make a boom. An idea is just an idea till it get right resources.

So what I have to tell you is

1. Never try to make all ideas urs, share it.
2. Remember, never share the core. [:)]
3. Making money and time is the biggest deal than making a flawless idea, coz the first two can clear the flaws sometime.

An idea alone cannot change your life.


One response to “An IDEA alone cannot change your life!

  • expressbywords

    nice article!
    that’s true many people avoid discussing their ideas with a hesitation that either the people will steal their ideas or else they will prove out to be a fool.
    but yes, a mere idea can’t do anything. It’s implementation is much mightier part!!!

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